It’s time for Wyoming lawmakers to put people first. 


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Watch Dan’s Interview with K2 TV

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Working people back Dan Neal for HD56

Endorsements supporting Dan Neal for HD56  come from fire fighters, educators, railroaders, electricians, sportsmen, and public employees We are proud to list some of the organizational and personal endorsements for our campaign to elect Dan [...]

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Former Gov. Mike Sullivan endorses Dan Neal for state House

CASPER – The Wyoming Legislature would benefit from a better political balance and a wider range of ideas to improve its debates, former Wyoming Gov. Mike Sullivan said this week as he endorsed Dan Neal, [...]

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Wyoming deserves its share of state’s mineral wealth

Coal leasing pause makes sense; so does taxing rare earth mineral extraction The mail Monday brought a Halloween surprise: an attack mailer written and paid for by the Wyoming Republican Party that claims I [...]

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Endorsement Video: Emily Neal

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Endorsement Video: Carrie Gomez

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Why I’m Running

Wyoming needs legislators who have a realistic perspective based on knowledge of their communities and the events and public policies affecting the people who live in those neighborhoods.

I’ve decided to run because we need new legislators willing to take a fresh look at what is and isn’t working in our state, to “get real” about the issues facing Wyoming families. We need legislators who will embrace all the state’s residents as our greatest resource, not ignore some because they’re on the economic margins, or others because of race, religion, creed, or identity.

We’ve watched as too many people serving in Cheyenne approach the work from the ideological fringe or who default to the polarizing politics we’ve seen nearly paralyze the national government.

Too many incumbents are indulging their personal views at the expense of Wyoming families who are struggling to make ends meet. Those families worry about the impact of a serious illness or a big car repair bill on their budgets.

I plan to bring a practical perspective to the Legislature, one that depends on people, not on politics. As we face this downturn in the economy, we need to assess the facts, listen to one another, and talk things through in order for the Legislature to set priorities that keep the state healthy.

I will do that as the campaign develops over the coming months. I will take the opportunity to continue to have conversations with more people who live in the district, work at Casper College, in the public schools, and who own or work in businesses downtown. These conversations will help shape my positions.

I hope those conversations and this website will provide voters in House District 56 the answers they need about me and how I expect to approach the many issues that the Legislature will face in the coming two years.

If you’d like to read Dan Neal’s full campaign announcement speech, you can do so here.